Sacred Rose Oracle Deck | Shuffling 4-Sided Cards

Much like any deck of cards, if you know how to Riffle Shuffle and Cut, you are going to get the most out of this deck. If you are used to utilizing a technique such as Corgi, Chemmy, Wash, Hindu, or Pile Shuffles, you may not get the best results. You will want to blindly (unique faces down) shuffle the deck itself 7 times to thoroughly mix all cards and diversify the results each time. This number of shuffles is based on a mathematical algorithm to perfectly randomize a standard deck of playing cards. With these four-sided cards, it is recommended to cut the deck, then quarter turn one-half of the deck, then cut and shuffle twice, as this completes a cycle. One opening shuffle plus two cycles completes the randomization of the deck. It is recommended not to cycle the deck more than twice per inquiry, as the deck will attempt to self correct back to its original positioning and the answers may appear too similar or confusing in their advice.

Sacred Rose Oracle Deck | One Card: Specific Query

Get very clear on what you want to ask of the cards and concisely state your inquiry. For example: “Should I take this position offered to me at ABC company this month?” Then state that you would like the answer to appear in one card. You can even define a Yes (North) and No (South) with Maybe (East and West). Or you can read the card’s advice exactly as is. Once the parameters are clearly defined, fully shuffle the deck. Cut the deck where you feel your answer lives and turn the top card over from left to right, as you would turn a page of a US/UK formatted book. Acknowledge the advice and thank yourself for whatever insight shows up — even if it may take a day or two to process the meaning.

Sacred Rose Oracle Deck | Three Card: Existence Query

Following the guideline for the first spread, this time you will draw three cards and use the first card for Past, second card for Present, and third card for Future. When you clarify your inquiry, you will ask the deck to share the information as follows: “I want to confirm what has occurred prior and inevitably lead me to this moment. I want to validate where I am now and what is occurring at this time. I want to see what I am moving towards and what I should be aware of that is coming my way.” Shuffle, cut, and flip each card in order to reveal the information.

Sacred Rose Oracle Deck | Five Card: A Storyline

Clearly define your inquiry and what you want to know. If you are asking about a relationship, then succinctly request what events will either lead to the relationship occurring or what major events will occur within the relationship itself. For example: “If Alexander and Katarina are reunited, what should they expect in the months to follow their reunion?” Or “When Julia and I vacation in Hawaii in May of this year, what advice should I be aware of during that trip?” Shuffle, cut, and flip each of the 5 cards in order to reveal a storyline of information. You will see how each card follows the other, as if a friend is answering your question.

Sacred Rose Oracle Deck | Seven Card: The Sacred Rose

The ultimate storyline answer to an inquiry without the overwhelm. The spread allows you to make a somewhat larger ask and to gain a trackable timeline in the process. This is useful for launching a project, entering into a joint partnership for business, making a major move or a large purchase, and the list goes on. Set an initial timeline for the information to take place. A common timeline is 6 – 12 months, as that is near enough in the future to see the results unfold while the information is still fresh. Anything past a year and free will can change an anticipated outcome, as new information and factors enter into the bigger picture. State your query slightly more open ended. For example: “Sacred Rose, in seven cards, show me what challenges I will face over the next 6 months.” Or, alternatively, “Show me what successes are ahead of me in the next 12 months.” And for a general advice spread: “Regarding my near future, show me anything that I am allowed to be privy to occurring in the next 12 months.” Shuffle, cut, and flip each of the 7 cards in order to reveal a storyline of information. You will see how each card follows the other, as if a friend is answering your question.