Cardinal Zodiac Personalities

2018 | Inspired by the shadow-side of the Zodiac.

If you are curious about the characteristics or personality types of those you are reading for, a quick assessment can be done with the Cardinal directions. Shuffle the deck well and ask what you need to know about the person you are reading for with reference to their Zodiac personality traits. Draw your main card for this response. Read the card’s general statement, use the direction (N, S, E, W) the card is drawn upright in to determine their sign set, then review the description of their Zodiac grouping to help influence the reading.

Note: Additional updates are coming (someday) for this expansion.

NORTH: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Detached, self-motivated, and perpetually childlike is how many may perceive this person, but somewhere under all of the facade and abandonment issues is someone waiting to be accepted for who they believe they really are. Once they find that particular missing piece, they relax into their best self and step up to the challenges thrown at them with ease. Most of their days are spent comparing themselves to others, whether they know it or not, and they spend their limited free time obsessing over how their social circle (whether present, ex, romantic, platonic, career, or peer) are doing and what those individuals have that they themselves do not. This fantasy time is spent in secret. They do not advertise their own lives for fear of this scrutiny befalling them. The truth they are seeking is that they have something that others should be envious of, but they struggle to believe this themselves and therefore spend most of their time hiding from others’ genuine affections.

SOUTH: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Bright lights, maybe one too many parties to attend, and thinly veiled self-pity create the illusion of a star waiting to be born. This personality type captivates others by wrapping themselves up in a dazzling display of decadence, cleverness, and show-stopping, attention-demanding persona appeal. The dark truth here is that it is all a show; they are hiding their emptiness with a busy calendar. Inside, this person is hurting. They are craving something magical – something outside the realm of possibility – and they refuse to settle for anything less. This is a dreamer with a blind eye to how much devastation they are causing within and without through their self-centered words and actions. At the core, this person could be the best thing to ever walk this planet, but it will require a complete perspective shift, a ton of therapy, and an open apology letter to everyone they have left bruised in their wake.

EAST: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Emotional, anxious, and focused on what will make someone love them enough to stay, this sign can feel a bit bi-polar or two-faced when confronted with hard truths about their own feelings, desires, and wants. On the surface, they can come across as moody, needy, or disengaged, but the truth is that they are scared of making a mistake or missing the opportunity of their lifetime. Fear of Missing Out is appropriately attributed to their need to belong, have family, and find support in those they desperately want to love fully. This is a person who can love deeply and abandon their internal chaos, but the challenge is that they never trust anyone enough to settle comfortably into their own skin. Trusting themselves and getting to their core truths is the first painful step to achieving what they really want.

WEST: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Determined, demanding, and a bit of a glutton for punishment, this personality comes across as an uncomfortable mix of cold- and bleeding-hearted. You don’t really know where you stand with this person depending on the day, and, honestly, neither do they. One moment they are bombarding a relationship with affection; the next, they are calculating all of the ways that person doesn’t pull their weight enough. The biggest challenge for this personality type is feeling safe, secure, comfortable, and well taken care of. The problem is that even when they do have enough, they feel there is always something missing from the equation. They spend much of their idle time plotting new ways to get more. The core truth is to see past the needs and rest completely in the haves. Otherwise, no matter how much decadence and clout they dress themselves up with while out in the public eye, they will forever feel empty inside.

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