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  • 50 Unique Designs
  • 5″ x 5″
  • 14 pt. Cover Stock
  • Gloss Coated
  • 4-Sided Cards
  • 9+ Aspects Per Card
  • 300,000+ Outcomes Per Shuffle

  • Energetic Connection
  • Card Meanings
  • Cardinal Directions
  • Shuffling 4-Sided Cards
  • Types of Spreads
  • Alternate Possibilities
  • Pairing Complementary Tools
  • A Dark Deck to Lighten Your Soul

    This beautiful and dark deck features a deeper look into the workings of the psyche and the energies that conspire for and against us. With 9 different aspects per card, this 50 Card Oracle Deck will speak to each unique inquiry with depth and precision.

    Unlike other oracle decks that purely focus on simple, positive answers, this deck challenges the querent to look deeper, come face to face with their limiting beliefs, acknowledge what is present, and brave the darkness to move into the light.

    This deck has been created through physical touch using a digital screen that converts every stroke into a mesmerizing display of color-rich fractals. Each card is unique, yet corresponds and connects with the inherent patterns throughout the whole set — this extends visual continuity throughout readings.

    The guidebook provides wisdom around each card, how to set the intention of the request, and also includes recommended spreads to gain the practitioner the most insight into the query made.